See Ya Later Dave – Love, Kate Legg

Dear Dave,

I don’t want to talk to you or even pay you any mind because you’re soon to be gone, but I thought that you should know a few other things about the force that is going to shut you down, Katie Hennemuth.  Katie simply does not mess about – when she sets her mind to something, she does it, and she is going to annihilate you.

Katie is the type of person that let me stay in her apartment for a month when I first moved to New York.  She’s the type of friend that will come up with the most ridiculous jokes that you still laugh about years later.  She’s warm and kind and an inspiration to all that know her.  Katie is the type of friend that makes you feel welcome and like you have known her for years instantly.  Except for you Dave.  She’s got no time for you.

See ya later, Dave.




beat rhabdomyosarcoma

A Poem for Dave…

Good Luck to You Dave 

Love: Julie

Good luck to you Dave, as you wither away…

Quickly losing your battle with Katie each day.

In fact, her skin looks amazing, her new wig is great.

Your presence has filled her with power and love…a force of strength you must hate!

Let’s be clear – you’re a loser

Lower than low.

Worse than the Grinch, the Hamburglar, or any famous foe.

There are many ‘Good’ Daves in Katie’s life,

with a new one on the way…

Who is set to be born on her September wedding day!

You should see this as a warning, we see it as a sign,

that all is in our favor, for Katie to be just fine!

We look forward to your eviction,

If you were a person, I’d help you pack your stuff.

Hold on tight Dave…because YOUR battle is going to be rough!

shut down rhabdo