Dear Dave

Dave, I have created a special category of this blog especially for you. It is a growing collection of heartfelt notes from my friends and family, kindly telling you to F-off.  As I continue to work to SHUT YOU DOWN, I hope these letters inspire you to get out as fast as you can! #FUD

Click on our mascot Winnie to read all of the letters to Dave!


3 thoughts on “Dear Dave

  1. Dear Dave,
    RIP. You are going down. With the support of all of Katie’s family and friends (some she doesn’t even know), you don’t stand a chance!

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  2. Dave, you have NO IDEA who you’re dealing with, but you’re about to find out! You picked the wrong hotel for this vacation! Wait……was that the sound of you running for the door??? Better be! Get out of town while the going is good!


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