Love can and will cure!

Love cures.

I am sure of. I didn’t come to this conclusion on my own though. I have learned from many knowledgeable people and faith has kept it at the forefront of my mind. As I mentioned in my last post, I am no longer fighting Dave and Dave the 2nd, I am transforming them. Transforming them into healthy cells and a healthy body. FUD is no longer what it used to be. I am playing around with some new words like forgive and would love some suggestions to match my new attitude. Anyway, a bunch of really awesome stuff has happened since my recent diagnosis that is proof of this and that I would like to share. I also want to update everyone on what has been going on since then.

Lets start with the goodness. I wear a bracelet with the Mother Mary on it every day. I always thought that wearing it was kind of “enough.” I pray often but have a newfound appreciation for Mary. My oncologist came to the hospital to explain more about my new diagnosis of leptomeningial disease and discuss a plan for going forward. As I said in my previous posts, I felt calm and confident during this discussion. I can’t explain that feeling but it was so very apparent to me. Right after the doctor left, I was reaching over my bed to grab my charging phone and I heard a loud clank. I looked down and the Mary charm had fallen onto the metal part of the bed. I must admit that when I saw it my first response was “oh great, look who jumped ship.” My Mom screamed “No! Look who is reminding you that she is here for you!”? Again, I felt calm. She was right. I got a serious reminder and my faith has been strengthened immensely.

We had made the decision to push our wedding back to next June a few months ago. Every time I told someone that, it felt terrible. The day after I got out of the hospital, Kyle and I were lying in bed and discussing everything and through my tears I said “well I am going to live!” and he agreed. So we decided that since I am going to live, we are going to have to have the bridal shower because we will need some new plates, damn it! I told my Mom and bridesmaids the next day and BOOM the shower and the wedding are on! ON LIKE DONKEY KONG!

Prior to any of the wedding festivities starting, I had to start my Dave(s) transformation. I began what was originally supposed to be 20 sessions and ended up being 17 (to save my eye sight!) of radiation of my whole brain and spine. The mask was extremely tight and very uncomfortable. I normally don’t mind things like this for a short while but this was pretty brutal. I had to go as far as taking anxiety meds prior to each treatment in the beginning.

Upon being diagnosed with leptomeningial disease, I asked my family to read a book that I had found months back called Radical Remission. The book is about just that. People who were given a very grave diagnosis and who survived for many, many years using alternative methods or a combination of alternative and traditional treatments. SO began my new lifestyle. I started became vegan (as previously stated), started ramping up my acupuncture treatments (Loveeeeee), began seeing a Reiki person in NYC (hello, Sky), went to see a Ayurvedic doctor (hello, Dr. Naina) and got serious about my meditation because of the two previously mentioned people. Both have changed my life since meeting them. AND both told me that they got a feeling, through their different methods, that I WILL SURVIVE CANCER! The Ayurvedic doctor taught me a new way to meditate that I think could be applicable to everyone. She told me to close my eyes and picture a purple light in between my eyes (my third eye). Then move the light around and give love to every organ and thank that organ. It should take about 20 minutes. I have been doing this as well as adding some hugs to the tumor spots and previous tumor areas.

And now, some updates.

On August 4th, fresh off an amazing week of vacation with my entire family in Rhode Island. I met with Dr. Kim Kramer, who will hopefully be transforming the cancer in my meninges to healthy cells. Dr. Kramer developed this treatment at Sloan Kettering where radioactiveimmune cells are injected directly into the cerebral-spinal fluid via an Omaya catheter. The catch is that my tumor cells have to have a certain protein on them that the immune cells may recognize. Without this protein, I am not eligible for the treatment. We had no clue about this but I am confident that I am a match for this treatment. All prayers and good thoughts are welcome to ensure this!


After seeing Dr. Kramer, I went to see my regular oncologist, Dr. Tap. He came in looking pretty serious. He said he was concerned, based on my blood work, that cancer cells are still hiding in my bone marrow which is caused my cells counts to recover much slower than they should be. He would like me to see a Hematologist to figure this out. We asked about bone marrow transplants and his reply was simply “I don’t know.” In order to attack the bone marrow cancer, if it is there, I would need high doses of chemo, which he does not know if I can handle at this point. Let’s pray that the hematologist has a solution, I can get the chemo and heal that right up.

I have also been having a great deal of pain in my back and down my left leg, which I chalked up to post-radiation pain. Dr. Tap wasn’t so convinced and said if the pain continues I should have a PET scan. Let’s again pray that the pain is due to radiation and not to anything new growing!

NOW back to how I am going to use love and some other tools to heal me. First step is acknowledging how scary this is and the possibility of what could happen. I can’t be strong and in a good place without this. It is hard to allow yourself to do but I have learned that it is necessary. By suppressing these thoughts, I am not helping but actually hurting myself. My favorite response when I voice that I am scared or sad or whatever is when the person acknowledges it by saying something like “Wow. That must be very scary.” Shutting it down just doesn’t help.

Diet, juicing, meditation, yoga, deep breathing, essential oils and supplements are all a part of my daily routine now. I would like to get a little more serious about all of them but I am trying. I am also trying to feel the love that people are giving me every day, take in a big deep breath of it and be truly thankful. It’s easy to close yourself off when you are scared or feeling down and not really feel this love. I also am trying to make more of an effort to love my body and myself and thank myself for all that I have been through.

In closing of this pretty rambling post, I wanted to share a little story. I met a priest a few weeks ago that blessed me with a relic. During my visit with him, we chatted for a while about my diagnosis and what I have been going through. He said he believes that I am experiencing this in order to see the good in all of those around me and for them to show how wonderful humanity is. My parents and I both nodded in agreement. I have been shown how amazing and good people can be and I feel so incredibly lucky. I know my family and friends agree. It seriously blow me away daily. I cannot thank everyone enough. You keep me smiling and give me strength and faith in my darkest days.

I love you all. I love my journey and my life. I will love every bit of this cancer into healthy cells.


13 thoughts on “Love can and will cure!

  1. I continue to pray for you every morning! You are an amazing young woman! Imagine that God is holding on to you and with you every step on this journey! God Bless


  2. ” Be devoted to one another in love. Honor one another above yourselves. Never be lacking in zeal, but keep your spiritual fervor, serving the Lord. Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer.” Romans 12:10-12. Dear Katie, I am grateful for your witness .. blog and updates. While praying for you this morning I ‘heard’ YOU and loved ones in this scripture verse. ‘never lacking in ZEAL… spiritual FERVOR… joyful in HOPE… patient in affliction and faithful in PRAYER.’ Blessings, Peace & Love, Gloria


  3. Katie…sending prayers, love, virtual hugs, and all manner of good thoughts to help in your transformation journey. Do you have any idea how many people, who you barely know, love and pray for you? That is some backup squad! Hang in there with Mother Mary. Never underestimate girl power…yours and hers! Pat


  4. You are a gift to this world. We all pray for you and selfishly for all of us, because this world needs you in it. You personify God’s love .
    Love, Mary Grace Phillips


  5. Katie,
    I so agree with Mary Grace, the world truly needs you in it!! I think of you first thing each morning and often through the day!! In the beginning, my thoughts were sad, angry and frightened! Your courage, strength, positive attitude but mostly your Faith, has changed the way I look at your challenges and my own!! I Feel at peace when I think of you and I truly do believe in miracles because of you!! Thank you for changing me and giving me a whole new way of looking at the obstacles in life!! You are an AMAZING young woman who has inspired so many people both known and unknown to you!! You will be a MAGNIFICENT bride!!!


  6. I know you can love Dave to death. You are truly love personified. You have always been and continue to be. Your love, faith and undaunting humor and wit will bring you through this challenge as it has brought you through others. Kate you leave an indelible mark on everyone who touches you. I know, I’m one😍. You grew up in my house and I have wonderful memories of you and Vonna and Kerry. I feel fortunate to have had you in my life and am so awed and proud of you as an adult. I stood behind you at the novena and when the priest touched you with the relic, I felt what I can only describe as a breath of God come behind me. It took my breath away. As do you my darling girl. You have my prayers and my love now and always. Love, Helene


  7. My prayers continue for you, Kate. Your faith will keep you strong and focused as you try new things to make you well. You handle your illness with such grace and courage which inspires all of us. May your strong will and the collective love of others bring healing power to you.

    Nina Wormuth


  8. Katie,
    I just read your post about your acceptance into the trial and the great Dr’s visit!, Thank God!! Prayers are answered when prayed in Faith and Trust in the Lord’s plan!! Today is my birthday and I couldn’t ask for a better birthday present then to hear your GREAT NEWS!!! I have many people on the prayers effort and I will share your good news with them!, we will double them now!!! God bless you , Kyle and your whole family!!!


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