Some Updates

Some updates

When I started this little blog baby, I wanted to it to be an honest and up-to-date account of this journey. So some status updates are needed.

Every person with cancer calls it a journey, right? Well, it is. You experience the highest highs and the lowest lows. Sometimes they can happen simultaneously. I experienced this same thing a couple weeks ago.

We celebrated Kyle’s 30th birthday and Cycle for Survival the weekend of March 8th. It was such an amazing weekend filled with fun. Cycle for survival was so uplifting and inspirational. I loved seeing all the support that the riders showed for their loved ones and the thunder that Team Kate brought. I was asked to give a speech to open the event and what an honor! As I stood of there, I experienced the definition of “feeling the energy in the room.” We can’t wait for next year!




Back to highs and lows happening simultaneously. The week prior to all this fun, I got the results from my latest scans. The night before my appointment, I logged on to my hospital account and was able to see my radiology reports. Upon reading my MRI result, I saw that were was a “new” spot on the bottom of my spine. I cried harder than I have in my life probably. It was one of those cries where you can’t catch your breath. I was scared and disappointed. I was finally seeing the finish line and now it just got pushed back who knows how many miles. I was also terrified that this spot could have grown while I was getting chemo. Some pretty frightening thoughts crossed my mind. It was impossible to stop them. Kyle tried for hours to calm me and tell me just to wait until we talked to the doctor before assuming anything.

Sometimes I need a minute or even a day to get to together but you better believe I can and I will. I want my life so bad.

I woke up the next day with a new attitude and went to the appointment with my family and upon speaking to my doctor and my fears were relaxed. He was calm and confident. I asked if the spot was new or had been there and he said he could not be sure. It was new on this MRI but had it been slowly growing in that spot from the beginning? Who cares at this point right? He said everything had been going so well that he really has hope in his heart that this is a little blip and we will fight until its all gone.

And so, the new plan was put into place. I would go for a bone/bone marrow biopsy, followed by 5 rounds of radiation and a new and longer chemo plan.

(*Side note funny story: I went into the OR for my bone biopsy discussing traveling to my most favorite place, Spain, with my awesome nurse. When I woke up I was telling her fun bars in Spain that she should visit. I even recall spelling a few. She was typing them into her phone, so it must have sounded pretty good. Never let anesthesia hold you back from discussing a good time. haha).


¡Viva España!

My run with chemo was supposed to end in July and now there is no end date. This, of course, was disappointing but I am grateful and happy that I can receive this chemo and KNOW that it will kill the last of that loser, Dave. Rhabdo is very prone to recurrence so let this be my only recurrence.

Because we don’t know when chemo will finish, we decided to postpone our wedding until June, 2016. This makes me cry just thinking about it but I know it is the right thing. Me, who has never met a wedding event I didn’t like, was not having fun planning my own. Dave WILL NOT steal our wedding the way we want it. No, sir. Hell nah. Bye, Felicia. Bitch, please!  Never. Thank you and good bye.

My doctor said he could have me feeling “good” for the wedding but I want to be able to fully celebrate and enjoy being healthy. Besides, Kyle and I have some seriously sassy dance moves that we have been working on and in June, they can be properly showcased.

Chemo round nine started today, April 6th and I am ready. Previously, my marrow had shown signs of being slightly “tired” from the truckload of chemo that I received in the past nine months. Please send me some positive energy and say some prayers that my marrow is able to bounce back and stay strong. I am researching and trying some alternative therapies to help my beauteous marrow along.

I am at peace with the highs and lows of the journey and no matter how long it takes, I WILL WIN. I know this to be true. I may get scared some times, but I know everything will be ok. I had this gut feeling in my initial meeting with my oncologist and I will NEVER let go of that.

I will survive.

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( my new bracelets from Mantra band)

11 thoughts on “Some Updates

  1. Kate, don’t know if you remember me, I am a friend of Bonnie’s & saw you with Sara freq while they lived in CS. PLEASE know that you have been daily in my prayers & also my prayer warrior friends have been praying for you by name. You are a strong woman, & that confidence & ” feeling ” from the first time you met with the oncologist is good to tap into. That is the Holy Spirit assuring you of a good outcome. Stay close to Him in your prayers & when you are frightened. Faith & prayer are powerful tools in beating Dave. Stay strong honey, & we will continue to surround you & lift you up in prayer.

    Sent from my iPad



  2. Hi Kate, always love, prayers and real positive energy and thoughts going your way! You are going to chase Dave out of your life! We are all pulling for you and know you are going to do it, I am proud to be on Team Kate! Love you and always saying my prayers for you, Bonnie xo


  3. Kate, I am Joyce Fontana, the “older” cousin who participated in the play dates with the the Hennemuth side of the family. We didn’t get much chance to chat on those days and I am sorry about that and because of that I was not lucky enough to really know the AMAZING young woman you are!! Through your blog and the sincere comments your friends and family have made, I regret not making more of an effort to benefit from your wonderful spirit, thank you for sharing so much of your phenomenal courage, perseverance, and faith that the thousands of prayers, well wishes and absolute love of your friends and family will get rid of that ugly Dave. You come into my mind so often and each time I pray for your ability to overcome this awful disease. I SO BELIEVE you will do just that! I have learned so much about about life, strength, faith and love from following you on your journey!! I am always praying for you and all those who love you that soon you will not have to ever think about or mention Dave again!! I know another young woman who could benefit from your strength as she deals with stage 4 breast cancer! I have shared your story with her and I think it helps!
    God Bless You Kate I can’t wait to hear about all the wedding plans from your Mom, Dad, Judy, Weasy, or Susan!


  4. Praying for you every morning and in all of my classes. I share your story with my sophomores and while they were as sad as I to hear of your setback, they too know you can beat Dave !! All 190 of us send positive energy to you ! It is one hell of a roller coaster ride ! But you will will end the ride WITHOUT DAVE! God Bless!


  5. Katie,
    When I read everyone’s comments, I feel it has all been said, but I also know it cannot be said enough, you are an inspiration. I do not think many of us aspire to be an inspiration. However, if we think about it isn’t that why we are here.
    We live our lives according to plan, rejoice when our live goes as planned, and question it when there is a crack in the plan. The proof of our faith is how we handle the crack. And there is no question but that you are handling the crack.
    What an inspiration!


  6. Hi, Katie!

    I am a friend of your Aunt Susan. Your description of how the highs and lows collide during the course of illness is perfect. I just want you to know that you are in my daily prayers. You are a woman with an iron will and I know that you will be victorious in your fight . This journey teaches us some amazing things about ourselves and what we are truly capable of. God bless!

    Nina Wormuth


  7. Katie – You are the toughest little, adorable nugget in the world. Daily prayers come your way from all the Jordans. Prayers from everyone you know will blast Dave for good. Marlene


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