Dear Dave, From Rachel

Hey Dave.


My name is Rachel.  I’m Kate’s sister-in-law and so lucky to be married into an incredible family whose love and support for Kate blows me away on a daily basis.  I love Kate like a sister.  A little over a year from now Kate will be preparing for a very big day.  She’s going to marry the man of her dreams and love of her life.  She will also, by then, have put the final nails in your coffin.  I can’t wait for this party.  It’s going to be freaking awesome.  I plan on dancing my face off.  There’s going to be a boatload of happy things to celebrate.


Kate wakes up every day with the mission to destroy you.  She’s facing challenges that no one should ever have to face.  And as hard as it all is on her, she doesn’t whine or complain. She focuses on decking you. How are you going to deal with that??


Many people have told me that our daughter, Libby looks a lot like Kate did as a little girl.  With her blonde hair and blue eyes, she certainly doesn’t look like her mama.  Whenever someone tells me this, I take it as a giant complement.  Kate is so beautiful and strong, inside and out, I love when I hear this.  I’m in really good shape if Libby turns out anything like her Aunt Kate because… well… she’s amazing.


Love you Kate!

5 thoughts on “Dear Dave, From Rachel

  1. Ray, well said. Kate has a fabulous group of terrific cheerleaders. The power of positive thinking and prayer can and will win the day. Love, Mom and Dad


  2. 1/2 way home honey! I know that this is a long and difficult journey but soon you will be saying “sayonara” to Dave”.
    Love you lots,
    Aunt Weasy


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