Dear Dave, Love Sarah

Dear Dave,

I don’t know who you think you are but shame on you for trying to come in and harm one of the best people I know. Allow me to officially introduce you to this person. Only seems right for you to get acquainted before the fine folks at Sloan officially pulverize your ass, Kill Bill style. I suggest you get acquainted now because your days are numbered. Dave, meet Katie.

Kaitlin Hennemuth is the youngest of three children, daughter to two of the kindest people in the great state of Pennsylvania and a best friend to many. She is a loving aunt to seven beautiful nieces and nephews, a graduate of Pennsylvania State University and a beloved nurse at NYU. She is a sister, and a brother, a loving fiancé, and a mother to a brand new pup. She is a half marathoner, a caring cousin and a sister-in-law. She is a tough New Yorker, a dedicated student and the owner of a beautiful crop of hair. She is a Maid of Honor, a world traveler and a Rubia. She is a skilled nick-namer, an Aries and a true triple threat- beautiful, smart and kind. She is a survivor.

Now this list is only a fraction of what Katie is and what she’s going to be. It’s only going to grow. So start counting your days, Dave, because WE COMIN FOR YOU!

Yours truly,

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